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Rannebarger Home Maintenance

Commercial and Residential Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning

Backed up gutters and downspouts lead to costly damage and can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Clogged gutters or downspouts can result in gutters pulling away from the house, damage to fascia and potentially cause basement and foundational issues. 

If you or your neighbors have trees close enough to your house to drop debris, you should clean your gutters 1-2 times in the spring and 1-2 times in the fall.  

Camera Inspection and Jetting

If you have slow draining tiles it is likely from a blockage, roots or collapsed/broken pipe.  With our HD sewer camera we are able to see and show you exactly what is going on with your drain lines.

Hydro Jetting uses high pressure water to clear and flush blockages or cut through roots.  Jetting is the most effective way of cleaning pipes as it flushes all the debris out of the pipe, unlike with snaking.

Drain Tile Replacement

Most sump pumps rely on gutter drains to move water away from your house.  If yours is broken you are at risk of wearing your pump out prematurely and potential basement flooding.  When a sump pump can not discharge correctly it will shoot water up from the nearest downspouts and right back onto your foundation.

If a line cannot be cleared or repaired we offer drain tile replacement.  First we have the utilities located through OUPS.  After the utilities have been located we will schedule an appointment to trench new lines.  We can also install temporary relief drains until weather or scheduling permits your work to be completed. 

Power Washing & Soft Wash

Power washing removes dirt, pollen, moss, mildew and other debris that attach to your home's surfaces.  Your home should be power washed every 2-3 years and concrete surfaces every 2-4 years to prevent discoloration and deterioration of surfaces.

We offer soft wash for all types of siding and roofing that safely removes all organic debris safely at low pressure without the risk of damaging paint, screens, wood or window seals. 

We also offer soft wash roof cleaning as well as traditional power washing for concrete and brick surfaces. 

Deck and Trim Repair

Deck or trim starting to show some wear and tear but not ready to be completely replaced?  Get your deck inspected and we'll suggest your best options replacing only what is needed.

We offer repairs or full replacement with only the best materials and fasteners available.

Additional Services

Garbage disposals, faucets, toilet repairs, ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, dryer vent cleaning or even if you just need a light bulb replaced on a vaulted ceiling Rannebarger Home Maintenance has you covered. 

We offer full commercial and residential maintenance, repairs and contracting.  We are your one call to get it done right the first time.

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