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Rannebarger Home Maintenance

Helping homeowners maintain and repair their largest investement

Rannebarger Home Maintenance

Concrete stairs power washing in Columbus, OH

Power Washing

Power washing helps remove dirt, pollen, moss, mildew and other debris that attach to your home's surfaces.  Your home should be power washed every 1-2 years and concrete surfaces every 2-4 years to prevent discoloration and deterioration of surfaces.

Concrete, wood, brick, siding and more....

Deck resurfacing in Blacklick, OH

Interior/Exterior Painting

Nothing brightens a homes interior or exterior like a fresh coat of paint.  Rannebarger Home Maintenance can help update your homes interior or resurface your peeling deck.

Gutter cleaning in Powell, OH

Gutter Cleaning

Backed up gutters and downspouts lead to costly damage and can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Clogged cutters can result in gutters pulling away from the house and water damage to trim boards.  

If you have trees and gutters you should clean them 1-2 times in the fall and 1-2 times in the spring.

Deck repair in Columbus, OH

Deck and Trim Repair

Deck or trim starting to show some wear and tear but not ready to be completely replaced?  Get your deck inspected and we'll suggest your best options replacing only what is needed.

Landscaping in Blacklick, OH


Maintaining your home's appearance also includes landscaping.  Whether you need tree removal, mulching, new plants or overgrown areas weeded we can help!

Replacing a light bulbs in a 2 story fixture

Appliance Installation, Electrical, Plumbing and Misc.

Garbage disposals, garage door openers, appliance installation, faucets, ceiling fans or even if you just need a light bulb replaced on a vaulted ceiling Rannebarger Home Maintenance has you covered.